Sunday, May 16, 2010

Life through my eyes

I think that there are two types of people in this world, there are the people who are content with the simple answers that life gives them. They live their lives day by day enjoying what experiences come. Then there are the people who refuse to accept the simple answers. They live their lives thinking, but still happy in a different type of way. In thinking, they discover that in life, there are paradoxes, things that are incomprehensible but they are ok with that as long as there is something, something they can believe in, something constant that controls everything. Some of these people turn to science, and they hope that science has enough answers to satisfy these paradoxes, which it usually does. Others of these people turn to religion; they rely on their faith to satisfy what they cannot comprehend. In the end, everyone tries to live happily but some people succeed much more than others do. I have tried to think about this for a long time, to try to determine why that is, why some people are become happy old people, and others are old bitter and genuinely unhappy.
Today my family watched a movie called “Seven Pounds” and while watching it made me think back to the time when I had cancer, and was receiving chemotherapy, and thanks to experiences prior to receiving chemo, I knew that I would live, and that everything would be ok. And having that knowledge, that faith helped me to be optimistic, and happy in a time of great trials and sufferings. Moreover, since then thinking about it, I think I have determined at least a rough draft so to speak of how to live so that I might be happy. That is to have faith in the lord to know that he is all knowing and all power full. And to believe that when you are struggling with something it is him trying to prepare you for your future. and to make you a happier person.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Cougar Chaos

Last the Insomniac part of me took over, my brain was way too active to fall asleep. After two hours of laying in my bed thinking about everything I surrendered and went downstairs to the TV and watched a couple psych episodes before falling asleep. While laying in my bed i was thinking about the slightly depressing fact that i know live with my parents again. Don't get me wrong, they are great people and i love them; but lets face it life is just more fun when you aren't living with people that go to bed at 9:00. anyway I thought about all of the fun i have with my five previous roommates. I will probably never have the opportunity to live with five people with such, shall we say, personality. I think it is appropriate to write down some of our most epic moments. The First epic moment that comes to mind is the night we got our new couch. Our dorm room, came furnished with six hard table chairs that look as if they should have been thrown out years ago, and one small couch i believe is called a 'love seat'. Why the university thinks it appropriate to have a love seat in a dorm with six male freshman in college is beyond me, but never the less that's what they gave us. After some quick mathematical thinking, we realized that we had two soft seats in front of the TV, and six boys that wanted to sit in them. you may see what i am saying and think that only two people could fit on the soft seats! However you would be mistaken, it was more that possible to get four if not more people on that couch. well either way we wanted another couch, there was of course couches in the lobby, and one night at about 2:00 A.M. we decided that we should just move a couch from the lobby into our apartment! this was clearly a genius idea, and we did it. so problem solved right! wrong, a few weeks later we had a cleaning check and our RA told us that we had to return the couch to the lobby. So we did, begrudgingly yes, but it got done. We that had the same problem that we started out with. So Evan, Nate and I decided to go to D.I. to see if they have any couches we can but for cheep. well we get there and find a very ugly and yet oddly comfortable couch for 35$. we were of course careful to "eye ball" the the size of the door, and we were confident it would fit, and so we bought it. now all we need to do is get it home. now Nate has a car which is very convenient. however this car is what i believe to be a 1998 Chevrolet Prizm. which if you have ever seen one, is not exactly the optimum car for couch transportation. so being three in shape college boys, we decided that we can just carry the couch home which, after looking up the distance on map quest is about two mile! well needless to say this was an epic night. we got the couch all the back, with only the help of our Family home evening sisters for the last 100 ft or so. that couch served us very well, and at the end of the year we carried it back to a D.I. trailer

Another epic moment actually happened almost every Sunday for 8 months. the first Sunday of the month we happen to have some packs of Jello. and we decided to make and eat this tasty treat. Well seeing as all six of us have a considerable amount of "personality", the act of Jello eating turned from just a tasty treat to a hilarious moment in the life of all of us. we continued this moment for 8 months, and we made some extremely tasty treats.

There are many more epic moments, but i think that there are too many to write them all down. If you really want to hear a few more, than look up the Blog Cougar Chaos and there are several more stories of my roommates.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I have often wondered about blogging. As my Father would say what it the value of Blogging? how useful on a scale from 1 to 10 is Blogging? well am not sure how useful it is yet, or what its purpose is so i decided to Google search Definition of A Blog. what i got was this, "blog - a shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies" so i figure that if this blogging business has any use at all to me it will be to develop a habit of writing experiences down.

First thing you must know about me, is that writing and grammar are not exactly my forte thus if you notice grammatical errors i apologize in advance. Second is probably an explanation of the name i picked for my Blog, The Life of An Eccentric Insomniac, well as you probably guessed, i suffer from a condition called insomnia although this condition is controlled by medication i still sometimes have difficulties falling asleep at night. Then there is Eccentric, Many people have told me that i am strange. Well I have decided that to be happy in life i must accept myself for the way i am and thus i realize that i am eccentric and i embrace it, and sometimes have a lot of fun with it.

As i am an 18 year old boy who is nearing the age of 19, and thus preparing to serve a full time Latter Day Saint Mission, The gospel has been on my mind frequently. And i think that my views of the Church, and the Gospel of Christ is greatly influenced by my parents, specifically my father. the first thing i think that is influenced by him is one of my all time "pet peeves" at least as far as church talks go. I hate it when a person gets up to the podium to give a talk and says, "I was asked to give my talk on x" (for those of you who are confused by the x, it is a variable used in math basically that is where they would say their topic) another one is the notorious Ice breaker, now don't get me wrong i am as much as a fan of jokes as the next guy, but when they say things like "wow this big crowd is intimidating" or, "I know there are people here that could give a much better talk than me." It really doesn't motivate me to listen to the talk! Another thing that my dad and i have in common is our frustration with the simple answers. When people say things like we need to teach with the spirit, i wonder how we are supposed to do that? and what does it feel like or how do i know if i am doing it. I believe that these attributes force me to think about what i really believe and not what i have always been taught. I believe that this strengthens my testimony. The thing i have been thinking about the most is the Mission. I have been told my entire life that a mission is not going to be a walk in the park, it isn't going to be easy at all, but it will be worth it. That the lessons I will learn on my mission will help me come closer to Heavenly Father, and help me to become a good father. So, in preparation for my mission i have often questioned that if i am ready to serve the Lord for two years of my life. and the conclusion that i have come to, is that there are obviously two answers, either i am, and God as been putting me trough trials for my entire life to get me ready, or that i am not, and God will make me Ready as i try with all of my might to serve him. Either way I am excited to serve. A year of college has made me realize that i need to grow up before my life can progress any farther. I need to decided what to do with my life that will effect the world in a worth while way. I need to realize my full potential, and hopefully my mission can help me realize all of that. and help me to grow in ways that i never realized possible. As i look back over this i think it has been therapeutic for me. I also noticed that I use the word thus more that the average person, Thus i am eccentric =D.