Sunday, May 16, 2010

Life through my eyes

I think that there are two types of people in this world, there are the people who are content with the simple answers that life gives them. They live their lives day by day enjoying what experiences come. Then there are the people who refuse to accept the simple answers. They live their lives thinking, but still happy in a different type of way. In thinking, they discover that in life, there are paradoxes, things that are incomprehensible but they are ok with that as long as there is something, something they can believe in, something constant that controls everything. Some of these people turn to science, and they hope that science has enough answers to satisfy these paradoxes, which it usually does. Others of these people turn to religion; they rely on their faith to satisfy what they cannot comprehend. In the end, everyone tries to live happily but some people succeed much more than others do. I have tried to think about this for a long time, to try to determine why that is, why some people are become happy old people, and others are old bitter and genuinely unhappy.
Today my family watched a movie called “Seven Pounds” and while watching it made me think back to the time when I had cancer, and was receiving chemotherapy, and thanks to experiences prior to receiving chemo, I knew that I would live, and that everything would be ok. And having that knowledge, that faith helped me to be optimistic, and happy in a time of great trials and sufferings. Moreover, since then thinking about it, I think I have determined at least a rough draft so to speak of how to live so that I might be happy. That is to have faith in the lord to know that he is all knowing and all power full. And to believe that when you are struggling with something it is him trying to prepare you for your future. and to make you a happier person.

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