Sunday, May 2, 2010


I have often wondered about blogging. As my Father would say what it the value of Blogging? how useful on a scale from 1 to 10 is Blogging? well am not sure how useful it is yet, or what its purpose is so i decided to Google search Definition of A Blog. what i got was this, "blog - a shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies" so i figure that if this blogging business has any use at all to me it will be to develop a habit of writing experiences down.

First thing you must know about me, is that writing and grammar are not exactly my forte thus if you notice grammatical errors i apologize in advance. Second is probably an explanation of the name i picked for my Blog, The Life of An Eccentric Insomniac, well as you probably guessed, i suffer from a condition called insomnia although this condition is controlled by medication i still sometimes have difficulties falling asleep at night. Then there is Eccentric, Many people have told me that i am strange. Well I have decided that to be happy in life i must accept myself for the way i am and thus i realize that i am eccentric and i embrace it, and sometimes have a lot of fun with it.

As i am an 18 year old boy who is nearing the age of 19, and thus preparing to serve a full time Latter Day Saint Mission, The gospel has been on my mind frequently. And i think that my views of the Church, and the Gospel of Christ is greatly influenced by my parents, specifically my father. the first thing i think that is influenced by him is one of my all time "pet peeves" at least as far as church talks go. I hate it when a person gets up to the podium to give a talk and says, "I was asked to give my talk on x" (for those of you who are confused by the x, it is a variable used in math basically that is where they would say their topic) another one is the notorious Ice breaker, now don't get me wrong i am as much as a fan of jokes as the next guy, but when they say things like "wow this big crowd is intimidating" or, "I know there are people here that could give a much better talk than me." It really doesn't motivate me to listen to the talk! Another thing that my dad and i have in common is our frustration with the simple answers. When people say things like we need to teach with the spirit, i wonder how we are supposed to do that? and what does it feel like or how do i know if i am doing it. I believe that these attributes force me to think about what i really believe and not what i have always been taught. I believe that this strengthens my testimony. The thing i have been thinking about the most is the Mission. I have been told my entire life that a mission is not going to be a walk in the park, it isn't going to be easy at all, but it will be worth it. That the lessons I will learn on my mission will help me come closer to Heavenly Father, and help me to become a good father. So, in preparation for my mission i have often questioned that if i am ready to serve the Lord for two years of my life. and the conclusion that i have come to, is that there are obviously two answers, either i am, and God as been putting me trough trials for my entire life to get me ready, or that i am not, and God will make me Ready as i try with all of my might to serve him. Either way I am excited to serve. A year of college has made me realize that i need to grow up before my life can progress any farther. I need to decided what to do with my life that will effect the world in a worth while way. I need to realize my full potential, and hopefully my mission can help me realize all of that. and help me to grow in ways that i never realized possible. As i look back over this i think it has been therapeutic for me. I also noticed that I use the word thus more that the average person, Thus i am eccentric =D.

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