Thursday, July 29, 2010


Well i have Less than one week before i enter the Missionary Training Center. As time gets closer i have discovered something I didn't expect. I thought that as the time came closer i would want to do more of the things that i wont be able to do such as x-box, or watch a lot of tv. What i have found is that my motivation does not lay in those areas. I have been studying five to six hours a day, spending time with Spanish and the Book or Mormon. I believe that i am studying harder and more effectively then ever before in my life. As i wonder why this changed, or what brought on the decision to do this, i realize that i never really decided to do it. It just kind of happen. and i have also noticed that i feel more endowed with power, and more in tune with the spirit then ever before. I noticed that today I studied the Book of Mormon for four hours straight without realizing it. I did it almost effortlessly, and it wasn't mentally taxing to my brain. I feel that my soul is rejoicing in the extra spiritual nourishment from the gospel. President Benson said "There is a power in the Book Which will begin to flow into your lives the moment you begin a serious study of the book." I feel this is more true now, than it has ever before been in my life. I feel that whatever power President Benson is speaking of I am now feeling in my life. The other thing that i feel very motivated to do at this time is to spend time with my family, friends, and loved ones. I feel that there is so much i can learn from their example, and that i have taken some of their examples for granted. I have also come to realize through my study how blessed I am. How many things i have in my life has that i don't need. I have realized that sometimes i am dependent on earthly things when i could be relying upon eternal things. In reading my Patriarchal Blessing i have notice how much it talks of family. and I realize that i should be more great-full for my family, and those close to me. I am so blessed to be close to so many spiritually strong individuals. I Believe that Happiness in this life comes from Being faithful and great-full. I believe that as long as we are faithful and Great-full in all things we will remain happy. I believe that when we begin to struggle with whatever trial, we must put extra effort into those areas. I believe that as long as we are trying we will one day return to the presence of our father and feel his full and complete love once again.

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