Tuesday, June 15, 2010

49 Days

Well my friends I enter the M.T.C in 49 Days. How do i feel about this you might ask. and my answer would be OK. i feel like i need to go, and i am supposed to go. and i am excited to go. But I am going to miss people that i love. and i am going to pray for them everyday that they will be alright. and that they can feel Gods love for them. Recently I entered the Temple for the first time ever. It was a very interesting experience to say the least. I think what is the most interesting thing is that i have grown up in the church my entire life, but i still knew absolutely nothing about what was going to happen. I went in expecting, I don't really know what but something, and it turned out to be nothing like i expected. But I am with out a doubt happy that i went. and Happy that i can go again and again for the rest of my life so that i can try to understand more of what happens inside. One thing i can tell you is that the temple is a beautiful place, and that the feeling at the very end is something i at least have felt no where else on the planet. I have also been studying Spanish, as i will be teaching in that language for the next two years, and i think the most challenging thing is to stop thinking in French! I find that i can memorize the words easily enough with time. But it is infinitely harder to make myself think the Spanish word when the French word comes to my brain so quickly. But i know without a doubt that if i keep on trying and studying that God will help me. I know that if i am diligent and obedient then my heavenly father will help me to speak Spanish. I know that while my mission is going to be a challenge it will undoubtedly make me stronger. I know that even if every minute of the next two years of my life is hard i will not regret it in the end. I know that through our struggles God prepares us for the future. If we place our trust and faith in him all things will be alright. I know that the key to happiness in life is to trust god, to be obedient to his commandments, and to know that if you are on the path, trying to be more like him, trying to perfect yourself according to his standards then you have made it. You will be happy for the rest of eternity.

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